Safety Pole Saves Another Worker At ICG

Innovative Construction Group

On July 31, 2023 a worker at Innovative Construction Group fell off a roof at a jobsite.  Fortunately, his fall was stopped due to his fall arrest harness that was attached to the Safety Pole.

The worker was tied off to the Safety Pole utilizing the D-Ring as the anchor point.  He was utilizing a rope with a rope grab as his lifeline connected to the D-Ring on his harness.

The worker was working near the edge of the roof when he lost balance and fell backwards off the roof.  The SRL that was attached to the Safety Pole stopped his fall just three feet from the ground.  He was able to pull himself up, unhook his harness and dropped the rest of the way.

The worker displayed no sign of injury and no medical attention was needed.

Due to the nature of the fall conventional scaffolding would most likely not have stopped the worker from suffering significant injuries or even death.  Only the design and construction of the Safety Pole averted what otherwise would have been a disastrous outcome.

Innovative Construction Group prides itself in promoting a culture of safety.  And they are no strangers on the topic.  In 2021 ICG won a national award for using The Safety Pole.  They submitted a photo featuring The Safety Pole to the National Framers Council photo contest to support OSHA’s 2021 National Safety Stand Down initiative.

ICG has been using The Safety Pole for over ten years.  They, and other Safety Pole customers, gladly make the investment to ensure their workers get home safely each night and back on the job tomorrow.

To learn more about the many benefits the Safety Pole provides, see our other blog post “How Much Does the Safety Pole Cost?“.

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