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"Safety" starts with Safety Pole

One System - the Safety Pole System -
Meets Your Fall Protection Framing Needs

Used by builders across the USA, the all-new, patented Safety Pole System meets OSHA's requirements for fall arrest and protects workers during all phases of the framing process.

Whether installing the exterior walls, setting the roof trusses, sheathing the roof, or installing fascia, the Safety Pole System provides one simple, convenient, and complete solution to meet your requirements for fall arrest.

Additionally, our product is cost-effective. No longer do you continually need to stock, repair, and replace over 30 different scaffolding parts. No longer does it take you a full day to complete the setup and take-down processes.

Safety Pole gets your workers home safely
today and back on the job tomorrow
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Residential Fall Protection System
When you are looking for a better way to protect your employees from falls during the framing stage of building a house — the Safety Pole System is the answer.
As a general contractor or large-volume framer, you are in the OSHA and insurance industry spotlight. Safety Pole Systems are designed to protect your business from unnecessary liability costs.
safetypole work
Reduce Insurance Costs
Falls from great heights resulting from lack of or improper fall protection specifically in regards to the framing process, plague the wood frame construction industry.


Our fall protection device is perfect for framers, contractors, and other building professionals to use while on the job.
See how it can be used on job sites by viewing the images in our Safety Pole gallery.

Meets OSHA Fall Protection Requirements for Residential Construction

On December 16, 2010, OSHA issued STD 03-11-002, Compliance Guidance for Residential Construction, which rescinds STD 03-00-001, Interim Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction, and provides that OSHA will be enforcing 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13) for all residential construction work.

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