Safety Pole Wins Award

Top Construction Safety Solution Provider in 2022

Construction Tech Review Award

The top Construction Safety Solutions for 2022 have been announced by Construction Tech Review.  And Safety Pole has come out on top!

Each year Construction Tech Review, a leading construction trade publication, considers numerous solution providers in various aspects of the construction industry.  Their October edition focuses on construction safety products and services.  The emphasis every year is on companies that offer “best-in-class” construction safety solutions for their clients.

In response to the award, Jase Franke, Chief Operating Officer of Safety Pole said, “Safety Pole is extremely honored to receive this prestigious award.  We work hard every day to get framing contractors workers home safe tonight and back on the job tomorrow.  It is gratifying to see our work recognized as a benefit to the framing industry”.

The editors at Construction Tech Review stated, “Safety Pole is defining a new paradigm in the construction safety place that meets OSHA’s requirements for fall arrest and protects workers during all phases of the framing process.”

Jase added, “the tie-off point of the system is over the user’s head, preventing the Safety Pole system from interfering with a framer’s mobility in the workplace.  Essentially the system is working with the framer rather than against them. If you have a tie point toward your fee, you’re likely to trip over the cable.”

Besides getting framing workers home safe tonight and back on the job tomorrow, another key fact is that the Safety Pole system is virtually free.

Between tax deductions, lower Workers Comp premiums, reduction of OSHA fines and state grants, Safety Pole basically pays for itself (see: How Much Does Safety Pole Cost”).

Jase added, “These are troubling times for framing contractors.  Inflation, lower building permits, etc.  We get that.

But if we can help reduce a framing contractor’s costs by reducing their Workers Comp premiums, point them towards tax deductions, state grants and more, it makes the industry stonger.

After all, we’re framers also”.

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