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Residential Fall Protection System

When you are looking for a better way to protect your employees from falls during the framing stage of building a house — the Safety Pole System is the answer.

The system was designed by a high-volume framer to allow his employees to work as they always have while protecting them from falls greater than 6 feet. The features that he required included: 

1. It had to be easy to install 2. It had to be easy to move from house to house and from job to job 3. It had to work

Easy to Install

The Safety Pole system is designed for ease of installation. The average setup time is 20 to 30 minutes per floor. That means a 2-man crew can set up the system for floor joisting, floor sheeting, and second-floor exterior wall construction in less than 30 minutes. Compare that to current fall protection devises on the market that can take an entire morning or afternoon to set up. These old systems provide less protection from OSHA violations and employee falls. The same goes for installation of roof trusses and sheeting, as the Safety Pole System can be extended in less than 30 minutes.

Easy to Move from Job to Job

The Safety Pole System is designed to fit inside a half-ton truck for ease of transportation from job to job. Our past clients have created many different ways to efficiently move our fall protection system from one job to the next. From high-volume framers, who arrange multiple systems on a flatbed truck to be delivered along with lumber and fasteners, to individual systems being taken to the job site in the back of a half-ton work truck, the transportation methods have varied. Whatever your individual needs are on the job site, the Safety Pole System is designed to allow you to easily transport the system to any destination.

Stay on Schedule & in Compliance

The Safety Pole System was designed to allow framers to do their job as they always have and not get in their way. This residential fall protection system keeps the anchor point above the workers' heads to allow the system to save them from interior and exterior falls. Additionally, our system has been tested and certified to adhere to ANSI standards and OSHA regulations. Framers that use the Safety Pole System comment on how easy it is to work with in comparison to other systems, which restrict their flow of movement or significantly slow their work pace down. Our product allows the framer to work at the same pace as they always have, allowing them to stay on schedule.

Stay on schedule, stay under budget, and stay safe with the safety pole residential fall protection system.

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