Safety Pole at Stand Down for Safety

Third Generation of the Safety Pole Comes on Company’s 20th Anniversary

It was OSHA’s Stand-Down for Safety to Prevent Falls in Construction Week. So what better time to make the first public introduction of the latest generation of the Safety Pole?

The Safety Pole Gen3 was unveiled to safety committee members from several subcontractors at a large multi-family construction site managed by the Ryan Companies.  As you can see in the photo above, it drew quite a crowd.

Gen3 offers a number of new and innovative features that continues to maintain Safety Pole’s position as the gold standard in fall protection in the framing industry.

Telescopic System

The Gen3 version is telescopic. It can be raised from its base level of 11 feet to 20 feet, with multiple stops along the way. The extension pole can be raised or lowered easily by a winch located at the base of the Safety Pole. This allows the Safety Pole system to be implemented easily at various heights and adjusted as necessary. By a single worker, within seconds.

High Grade Aluminum Construction

Another key feature of Gen3 is its construction. Previous versions of the Safety Pole were constructed with steel. While providing the strength needed to stop the fall of a framing worker, it was heavy.

The Gen3 Safety Pole extension is constructed of Grade 6061 Aluminum . This reduces the weight of the Safety Pole extensions from 330 pounds to just 130 pounds. And Grade 6061 Aluminum does not make any compromises on strength. The lighter weight makes it easier and more cost efficient to move from floor to or from jobsite to jobsite.

The Gen3 Safety Pole is available now.  Contact the company for more details.

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