JL Schwieters is a leading construction company based in Hugo, Minnesota.  They specialize in the construction of nearly every building imaginable.  From single family homes to office buildings and everything in between.

Safety on the jobsite and containment of insurance premiums has been a priority of JL Schwieters since its founding over 40 years ago.  Naturally, they adopted the Safety Pole system several years ago.

Jase Franke, Chief Operating Officer at Safety Pole, Inc., was curious recently how the Safety Pole was meeting expectations there.  Jase contacted Kyle Shufelt, Safety Director at JL Schwieters, for his feedback.

Kyle offered that in the five years before the company adopted the Safety Pole system, their Mod Rate was 1.2 with a steady EMR.  In the five years since implementing the Safety Pole system, their EMR has dropped 30% to .79 resulting in a substantial reduction in the company’s Workers Compensation insurance premiums.  In addition, in Kyle’s estimation, at least seven workers have been spared serious injury by their use of the Safety Pole system.

With the lowering of JL Schwieters EMR, the company is now self insured, saving a significant amount that goes straight to the bottom line.  Also helping the bottom line, the company has successfully applied for and have been awarded state grants for their use of the Safety Pole.

Kyle went on to say, “Our entire safety program has been revolutionized by our implementation of 100% conventional fall protection five years ago.  One additional area of value is our relationship with Minnesota OSHA and the fact that our system is considered ‘best practices’.”

Everyone at Safety Pole, Inc. is very grateful to loyal customers like JL Schwieters and for the opportunity to provide a fall protection system for the construction industry that is saving lives.  Lowering their customers’ insurance and liability costs is great also.  At the end of the day however, it is Safety Pole’s mission to get workers home safely tonight and back on the job tomorrow.

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