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Horizontal Lifeline Maintenance Procedure

Note: Loosen the turnbuckle on the HLL to allow for more space on
continuing the following steps

Step #1

1) Disassembling the HLL: 

Note: Loosen the turnbuckle on the HLL to allow for more space on continuing the following steps.

  • Loosen and separate the Hollow Bolt located on the opposite end of the Turnbuckle on the HLL.
  • Pull Hollow-Bolt 1ft. Away from Cable Grab.
  • Loosen the Back-Cylinder on the cable grab and pull out the Spring located in the inside cylinder of the Cable Grab.
  • Pull both the Back-Cylinder and spring 2 ft. Past the Turnbuckle.

2) Removing and Disassembling Jaw: 

  • Gently, pull the entire Jaw out from the Inside-Cylinder of the Cable
    Grab and remove the Jaw 1ft. Past the turnbuckle.
  • Secure the Jaw with both your thumb and index finger on the O-Ring.
  • Gently and individually raise each jaw-piece away from the O-Ring so
    the band can unhook from the lower Jaw-molding.
  • Place each jaw piece on a flat surface adjacent from the HLL with the
    Jaw threading facing up.

Step #2

Step #3

3) Cleaning The Residue off the Jaws 

  • Take Brake Cleaner and spray Brake Cleaner to each jaw piece until
    the thin residue is off of each piece.
  • Dry each jaw piece before proceeding.
  • Next, individually take each Jaw Piece laying the piece vertically on a
    flat surface, you will horizontally scrub each jaw piece until the residue is
    gone. Avoid scrubbing the threads of each jaw directly with Wire Brush.
  • Place Jaw Pieces back onto a flat surface.

4) Cleaning the Back-Cylinder 

  • Apply Brake Cleaner to the Back-Cylinder threading until
    cleared of residue.
  • Then, apply brake cleaner inside the Back-Cylinder clearing all
  • Let Back-Cylinder dry.

Step #4

Step #5

5) Cleaning the Hollow-Bolt

  • Apply Brake-Cleaner to the threading of the Hollow-Bolt until the
    residue is gone.
  • Let Hollow-Bolt dry.

6) Cleaning the Inside-Cylinder of Cable Grab

  • Pick up Bolts connecting the turnbuckle and the cable grab, allowing
    the cable grab to hang at 45 degrees towards the cleaning surface.
  • Spray Brake Cleaner in the Inside Cylinder allowing for the residue to
    flush out of the Hollow-Bolt port.
  • Spray Brake Cleaner in the Inside Cylinder’s Threading allowing the
    residue to flush out the Hollow-Bolt Port.

Step #6

Step #7

7) Scrubbing and Cleaning Inside-Cylinder

  • Take Wire Brush and thoroughly clean the Inside-Cylinder until the
    residue is gone.
  • Reapply Brake Cleaner to Inside Cylinder threading allowing for any
    remaining residue to be flushed out.
  • Take Wire Brush and clean the thread in the inside-cylinder for any
    remaining residue.

8) Cleaning the Back-Cylinder Cap

  • Take Wire Brush and scrub the threading on the Back-Cylinder Cap
    located next to the spring.
  • Scrub the Inside of the Back-Cylinder Cap.
  • Reapply Brake Cleaner on the thread of the Back-Cylinder and apply
    Brake Cleaner inside of the Back Cylinder.
  • Take Wire Brush and Scrub the threading on the Back-Cylinder Cap.

Step #8

Step #9

9) Applying Anti-Seize to the Back-Cylinder Threads (About the Size of a Pea)

  • Take Anti-Seize and apply (Pea-Size) amount of the lubricant to the
    threading on the Back-Cylinder Cap.

Note: Threads should be well-defined and visible.

10) Applying Anti-Seize to the Hollow-Bolt


  • Apply Anti-Seize ¼ inch. up from the bottom threading of the
  • Only apply Anti-Seize on one-side of the lower portion of the
    Hollow Bolt.

Note: The Anti-Seize will spread throughout the bolt once tighten back
into the cable-grab.

Step #10

Step #11

11) Jaw-Reassembly 

  • Locate the O-Ring on the cable and individually take each jaw piece
    one at a time and slide the skinny end of the jaw piece facing
    towards the cable grab and slide the jaw piece through the O-Ring
    until the O-Ring locks onto the jaw-mold.
  • Repeat this step 2 more times.

12) Applying Anti-Seize to the Jaw  

  • Apply a paper-thin amount of Anti-Seize on the outer shell of the
    Jaw and apply Anti-Seize to the O-Ring.
  • Caution: Do NOT apply Anti-Seize in the crevices of the Jaw nor
    the threading inside of the Jaw. Not following this step correctly
    can ruin the HLL's integrity.

Step #12

Step #13

13) Placing Jaw/Spring Back into the Inside-Cylinder of the Cable Grab  


  • Make sure the Inside Cylinder is dry from the Brake Cleaner.
  • Slide the jaw towards the inside cylinder and secure the jaw back
    into the Inside-Cylinder.
  • Slide the Spring to the appropriate position located in the InsideCylinder after the jaw is adequately placed.
  • Move the Back-Cylinder cap towards the cable grab.
  • Reinsert Back-Cylinder cap.

14) Reattaching the Hollow-Bolt  

  • Slide the hollow bolt to the screw port on the cable grab.
  • Tighten the Hollow-Bolt 1/2 inch back into the screw port.

Step #14

Step #15

15) Final Reassembly