Fall Prevention & Protection in Construction is Good For The Bottom Line

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If you invested one dollar that returned four dollars that would be a pretty good investment.  That’s why we are constantly amazed that some framing contractors ignore fall prevention for their employees.

Anyone in the trade knows that construction can be a dangerous job.  According to OSHA, falls on construction sites is the number one cause of death, all 1,008 of them in 2020.  All preventable.

There’s a great article by #DianaSanDiego on For Construction Pros that offers “Six Ways To Prevent Falls at Construction Sites”

 In it, Ms. San Diego writes, “Consider the economic costs of construction injuries in terms of production losses, healthcare costs, loss of income opportunities for families due to disabilities or deaths, compensation claims and lawsuits and penalties imposed on companies for violating safety codes.

Having fall prevention programs in place and adequately implementing them can benefit all stakeholders, considering the abovementioned costs. OSHA estimates that companies can save anywhere from $4-6 for every $1 invested in safety programs.”

That reminds us of a recent post we offered entitled, “How Much Does The Safety Pole Cost?  It’s Virtually Free, For Now”.  In it, we discuss the cost off-setting factors in purchasing fall prevention and protection programs.

One of the most beneficial programs available to construction companies is the Section 179 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  This allows businesses to deduct the cost of qualifying “capital improvements” e.g. Safety Pole, on their next tax return.  The limit is  over $1 million.  Don’t worry, Safety Pole doesn’t cost anywhere near that much.  

In 2023 a business can claim the deductions of up to $1,160,000.  This can be equipment that you purchase, lease or finance.  But you must put the equipment into service by December 31, 2023.  As of now, this tax cut is scheduled to expire after this year.  Our recommendation, jump on this.  Pronto!

Safety Pole has dedicated itself to get framers home safely tonight, and back on the job tomorrow, since 2002.  With hundreds of systems in place across 38 states, it is the best overhead fall protection and prevention system available.

Contact Safety Pole today to determine how we can best work together.

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