No Merry Xmas For This Washington State Framing Contractor

A framing contractor in Washington state has been fined nearly $400,000 by the State Department of Labor and Industries for providing inadequate fall protection…again.

Genesis Framing Construction owner Cecilio Solorio faces the fines for nine violations.  But he should be used to it by now.  He has been cited and fined 15 other times in the past.  Some guys never learn.

C’mon man!  15+ times for citations and fines?  Santa is going to leave you a bunch of coal in your stocking this Christmas.  Which may come in handy since you’re out $400,000, you may have trouble paying your heating bill.

This story has found some legs.  It was first reported by the Herald News in Everett, Washington.  It was picked up by the Connecticut Post across the country.  Then it has gone national when the Associated Press picked it up and distributed it (inter)nationally.  

Wow!  Talk about a bad day for PR!!

$400,000 would buy a lot of Safety Poles.  After all, the Safety Pole does not cost anywhere near this much. 

How much?  Check out our previous post on How Much Does The Safety Pole Cost?  Zip, Nada, Nothing.

Framing contractors, don’t be a “Solorio”.  Protect your workers.  Protect YOURSElF!

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